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This is the most traditional approach to an assignment that is often utilized for senior levels of hiring. We are proud to say that our success rate of completion and of retention outperforms industry standards. Our commitment to long-term success includes coaching within the first year, at no additional fee. We have learned that this involvement is integral to the long-term success of the engagement. 

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Business transformation, succession planning and M&A activity often require management transitions and building teams. A developed and cultivated pipeline of potential candidates who are currently employed is an ideal way to be positioned to attract talent in a competitive employer marketplace. Once informed of your business needs, we can enter the market on your behalf on an exploratory basis and make introductions that will allow you access to future talent. This is a consulting agreement and is determined depending on needs. 


We have found that expanding and customizing or services provides a more comprehensive understanding of our clients needs simply makes sense. The breadth of our knowledge in a wide variety of industries and disciplines has provided us with a unique ability to offer pragmatic and timely insight on a variety of topics, including: competitive analysis, independent reference checking, and special projects for Boards of Directors. Advisory services are time-managed projects, billed hourly or on a project fee basis.

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