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What distinguishes us most is our highly individualized style of working with clients, potential candidates and everyone else that we touch on a project. 

Our distinctive approach weighs long-term relationships over short-term transactions. We build strong partnerships by communicating regularly and working collaboratively. We are always attentive, always responsive, and always available to answer questions and offer feedback.

We go beyond standard industry practices and take extraordinary steps to attract leaders capable of making a difference. We pride ourselves in our ability to engineer the recruiting process, often motivating top executives who otherwise would not be inclined 

 to consider a change. Our in depth knowledge about our clients’ business and goals provides us the credibility necessary to represent them seamlessly and gain the trust and respect of potential candidates. 

In short, we invest in the client companies and individuals that invest in us; we believe in dually beneficial long-term relationships and it is that philosophy that is the cornerstone of everything we do. 


Jan Dinerstein
President & Founder

Jan Dinerstein has dedicated the past thirty years of her career to the executive search and human capital consulting sector. In addition to The Dinerstein Group’s core business of retained executive search services; Jan also serves as an advisor and coach to executive level management; particularly during times of growth and transformation where human capital issues are at the heart of success. 

Prior to the executive search industry, Jan spent a short period of time in financial services as a research analyst with Dean Witter Reynolds in NY and E.F. Hutton in Los Angeles. 

A native Brooklynite, Jan graduated magna cum laude from Brooklyn College with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She was a founding member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Starlight Foundation; and is a current supporter of Make-A-Wish Foundation, Nurturing Minds, American Cancer Society and The Brain Tumor Association. 

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